FLASH (Flexible LIREC Autonomous Social Helper)

FLASH is a balancing, mechanoid social robot equipped with the expressive head (known as EMYS) and two dexterous hands WANDA. The robot itself, being a robotic companion, is capable of communicating with people in verbal and non-verbal ways. Its head and hands serve to express emotions with use of facial expressions and gesticulation. The FLASH motion and navigation system allows it to move on a flat surfaces and operate in
known environment. Its control system, reflecting LIREC control architecture, provides some level of abstraction in a control process, and allows for the migration of social companions.

The head EMYS (EMotive headY System) - is a "turtle" type head utilising Facial Action Coding System, which can express variety of facial expressions as a combination of actions. The head control system implements 7 basic facial expressions representing basic emotions like anger, disgust, fear, joy, sadness and surprise.

FLASH, EMYS, and WANDA have been designed by Wroclaw University of Technology, in cooperation with Produkt Dizajn Studio, TF Construction, and Cad-Mech, Poland.

FLASH was developed as a part of LIREC (Living with Robots & Interactive Companions) a 5 year EU-funded project that ends in August 2012.

Prof. Krzysztof Tchon - krzysztof.tchon@pwr.wroc.pl
Dr Robert Muszynski - mucha@pwr.wroc.pl