Germination X


Germination X is a social game developed by FoAM using Lirec technology to control it's in-game characters. The game is about permaculture, and the agents (or "plant spirits") will help you learn about companion planting and connect you with other players. Currently they appraise events in the game (plants growing, flowering or dying) along with each other's actions, and their emotions are experimentally signaled by animation and colour changes. Play the game.

You can read more about the project on the Lirec trac or follow it's progress on the development blog.

Diagram of relationships in the game

Click on the image for the full size version. Green indicates "Like", red indicates "Dislike". From these simple definitions we can build up higher level properties such as "Admiration" and "Reproach" (eg. if something good happens to someone we like or dislike).

Draw your own plant spirits

Germination X appeared at Pixelache 2011 in Helsinki. We opened up the game design process by inviting people to draw their own characters which were scanned by a web camera and became instantly animated and appeared in the game.

Source code and artwork

All source code is available in the Lirec svn repo. Artwork and concept sketch can be found on FoAM's Flickr site.