How to add a Publication

When you publish a paper, you need to put a bibliographic entry on this website. The entry needs to include a link for the paper so that it can be downloaded. The downloadable version should ideally be the final edition if you have open access rights, or a preprint edition if you don't.

What you need to do:

  1. Get a Lirec dropbox account by registering using the following link: or go here if you already have one
  2. Upload your paper to the "Papers - Accepted" folder, your paper should then appear here:
  3. Enter your bibliographic details by making a new entry here:
  4. Add the keyword 'lirec' and your publication should be listed here:

Things to include on the bibliographic entry;

  1. Open access status, as defined by SHERPA (or FP7 OA Pilot programme?)
  2. Author name in format - Parsons, Jack (or whatever style is decided)
  3. A link to your paper from this location: