Little Mozart: New generation social companions for game-based learning

A ready for market product showcasing a new generation social companions for game-based learning, Little Mozart is a virtual companion that uses facial expressions and memory of past interactions to support children in learning how to compose a melody. Little Mozart can be played on a PC, iPad or iPod. The character can also transfer between platforms. Visitors can download for free Little Mozart on their iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac or Windows laptop and try it for themselves.

A commercial version of Little Mozart social companion for learning music will be available by the end of the project. LIREC allowed Continfor to develop migration technology that allows the character to move from desktop computers to mobile platforms and back again (including game state, memory of past interactions and emotional state). The use of facial, body and audio clues for expressing the perception of both the companion and the user’s emotional state were also capabilities developed during the LIREC project

Little Mozart was developed as a part of LIREC (Living with Robots & Interactive Companions) a 5 year EU-funded project that ends in August 2012.

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